Alerting Hub basics

Common parameters

Every API has the same basic structure, which is then added to depending upon the specific API being called. They must all have the following parameters in their top level JSON block:

versionThe version of the API you would like to use. Versions are in the form 'vX.Y' or you can use the special value 'latest' (which is recommended). The current latest version is v1.0.
apiKeyThe API key is used to identify and validate your request with Alerting Hub. If you do not have an API key, please contact your account manager to obtain one. Note that you can have several API keys (e.g. one live and one for sandboxing). You should treat your API key with care and not send it or publish it anywhere where it could be copied or used by another party. In addition Alerting Hub can also restrict the IP addresses from which your API key can be used as an additional security measure for you.