Simple, single REST transaction

Want to send SMS, voice and email alerts as part of the same mass notification? Using the Alerting Hub API you can trigger multiple events to multiple recipients all within a single one-shot API call. What’s more we also monitor and track responses and tie those back to your API call, allowing you to easily marshal results and replies. We also offer an number of additional APIs to provide useful services for more advanced use cases.

  • Connect

    • mailto://
    • mailto://
  • Send


      "version": "latest",
      "apiKey": "abcdef..."
  • Response

    200 OK/Reply

      "success": true

Alerting Hub trial account

Want to get started straight away? Request a free sample API key that allows you to send a limited number of real SMS or emails and make a limited number of voice calls. See our quick-start guide for more information.

For testing, our sample API key also allows unlimited use of our sandbox. There is also an email API route as an alternative option.