Schedule stored alerts

The ability to schedule when an alert is sent can bring greater flexibility to your solutions and help safeguard against alerts being sent by mistake. The schedule stored alert API allows you to select a time in the future for when a previously stored alert will be triggered. Alerts can be scheduled to go out on different dates and times.

Json sample

    "version": "latest",
    "apiKey": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
    "storeId": "98898333-db82-44cd-aeef-38844bbd0c6e",
    "schedule" : {
        "start" : "now",
        "startOffset" : 1,
        "startInterval" : "minute",
        "period" : 2
        "periodicity" : "hours"
        "end" : "2021-02-01T01:02:03.0Z"

Scheduling stored alerts

versionMandatoryNoneSee API guide
apiKeyMandatoryNoneSee API guide
storeIdMandatoryNoneThe unique id of a stored alert
scheduleMandatoryNoneSee API guide
successOne of “true”, “false”. If false then failureReason should also be returned
scheduleIdUnique schedule reference