SMS subscription service

A subscription service enables interested parties to add themselves to a specific list to receive future notifications. It also presents a means for them to be easily removed should they no longer wish to be contacted. It allows you to build lists of clients or contacts that you can then notify as a group should […]

On-demand group calling

Traditionally, to get people onto a group or conference call, you would need to either pre-schedule the call for a particular time or go through a tedious setup process via a web portal or application, sending invites and so forth. But what about when you need to get a group of people together on a […]

Enhanced panic button capability – a flexible API

In some emergency situations, where no advanced warning is given, response teams across schools, businesses and communities are reliant on individuals raising the alarm. This must be a quick and simple process.  Any system in place that is used to facilitate a swift response can, therefore, greatly benefit from integrating a flexible, programmable panic button. […]

Cost benefits of an omnichannel notifications API

Choosing the right notifications API for your solution isn’t always easy. There are numerous APIs to choose from for SMS, voice and email. Some providers specialise in just one, whilst other providers will have an API for each type. Then there is redundancy and capacity issues to consider. But herein lies the cost benefits of […]

Omnichannel API for Mass Notification

Selecting the right omnichannel API for notifications and alerting Omnichannel has become a point of differentiation in contact centre solutions. The growing number of omnichannel APIs directed at delivering a superior customer centric experience is testament to the value brought. But what is meant by omnichannel? How is it significant to mass notification systems? And […]

Automated Alert Escalation | SMS, Voice, Email

There are many reasons to incorporate an automated alert escalation capability into your notification solution. Automating any aspect of a workflow will free-up time and resources to focus on more critical tasks.  For notification systems, the ability to escalate can help ensure action is taken as quickly as possible, without the need for human intervention […]

Accounts receivable SMS, Voice & Email integration

Invoice-to-cash, collections, invoice chasing – just a couple of terms used to describe a relatively new, but fast-growing SaaS Accounts Receivable Applications category. Invoicing customers, whilst a routine part of every business operation, is just the start of an often-challenging cash flow and account receivable process.  “There is no small business or large one, that […]

Code sample for Lookups and trackable links

Trackable voice, email, text alerts

In our last post, the importance of knowing the delivery status of notifications was highlighted – has it been sent, has it been delivered successfully. Being able to easily pull all such data together for a particular notification event or campaign enables a far slicker means of tracking, monitoring and reporting results. Administrators can then […]

Tracking the delivery status of mass outbound notifications

Mass outbound communications are just that, a one-way message to multiple recipients, right? Not quite. Every notification system regardless of purposes has a return path of sorts. At a very basic level this is simply knowing which notifications got through and which didn’t – their delivery status. On the other end of the scale you […]

Send bulk notifications voice, sms, email API

Alerting Hub is tailored to the needs of mass outbound notification solutions; where you can send bulk notifications, to multiple recipients with Alerting Hub’s single ‘one-shot’ API call. That’s bulk SMS, voice and email notifications all from a single request to the Alerting Hub platform. For Alerting Hub, this wasn’t an ‘add on’ feature – […]