Deferred alerts

When you defer an alert for later sending / activation you must specify a deferral JSON object and you can optionally let Alerting Hub know under what name you would like the alert stored. As part of the return from the /sendalert api call where you asked for a deferral you will always receive a unique storeId code. You are then free to use that code or the name you gave later on when you ask to run that deferred alert.

"deferral": {
    "defer": true,
    "storeName": "myDeferredAlert"

deferOptionaltrueIf this is set to false then the deferrral will not take place and the alert will be sent as normal.
storeNameOptionalNoneName for the alert to be stored under, the deferred alert can then be referred to by this name when asking to be sent. See API guide for more details.