Get information

The return of this API tells you information such as the notification mode, capacities (e.g. how many calls could be made at the present time), stored items and so forth.

JSON sample

    "version": "latest",
    "apiKey": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
    "options": {
        "getStoredContentInfo": true,
        "getCapacityInfo": true,
        "getScheduledAlertInfo": true,
        "getKeywordInfo": true,
        "getMessages" : true

Getting information

versionMandatoryNoneSee send alert API
apiKeyMandatoryNoneSee send alert API
getCapacityInfoOptionalfalseIf true then capacity info is also returned
getStoredContentInfoOptionalfalseIf true then the set of stored content is also returned
getScheduledAlertInfoOptionalfalseIf true then pending schedule info is also returned
getKeywordInfoOptionalfalseIf true then any keywords associated with the API key are returned.
getMessagesOptionalfalseIf true then any historic diagnostic or error messages relating to the use of the api key are returned. The messageOptions optional object can be used to control which messages are returned.
messageOptionsOptionalFine tuning of which messages to return if getMessages is true.
earliestFirstOptionalfalseReturns messages starting at the earliest.
unreportedOnlyOptionalfalseReturn only messages not previously marked as reported.
markReportedOptionalfalseMark any returned messages as reported.
maximumMessagesOptional10Maximum number of messages to return (this is internally capped at 100).
severityOptionalnoneSeverity marker of messages to be returned (one from error, warning, notice or info). If not specified / set all messages will be returned.
categoryOptionalnoneCategory of message, one from: api, general or callback. If not specified / set then all messages will be returned.


successOne of “true”, “false”. If false then failureReason should also be returned
apiKeyFriendlyNameApi key's friendly name if it has been set (usually via the /setinfo API call); if not this will be omitted.
defaultNotificationNotification mode (polled or callback)
defaultNotificationFormatNotification format json or form
defaultCallbackUrlOnly returned if defaultNotification = callback
statsGeneral statistics on api use and other items.
sandboxedtrue|false - denotes whether the API key is sandboxed or not. See send alert API
capacitiesOnly returned if getCapacityInfo = true on request. Values indicate the maximum number of items that could be sent at this time.
storedArray, only returned if getStoredContentInfo = true on request
storeIdStore unique id
typeOne of "call","sms", "email","inboundCall","recipientList" or "alert"
scheduledArray, only returned if getScheduledAlertInfo = true on request
scheduledAlertIdThe unique reference for the scheduled alert.
storedAlertIdThe content store unique reference for the scheduled alert
pausedWhether the schedule is currently paused or not
nextRunAtWhen the schedule is next due to run (if it is paused this will not occur)
expiresWhen the schedule is due to run out
repeatsHow often the schedule will repeat
keywordsArray, only returned if getKeywordInfo = true on request
keywordThe actual keyword itself
typeOne of sms, email, shortlink
expiresDate of expiration or 'never'
senderPermitted sender or 'any'
recipientPermitted recipient or 'any'
actionOne of "raise" where a callback or collection event is raised or "launch" where an alert will be triggered.
storedAlertDetailsIf action is "launch" this specifies the stored alert as held within the AlertingHub system
messagesArray, only returned if getMessages = true on request
severitySeverity level of the message (see above for allowed values).
categoryCategory of the message (see above for allowed values).
reportedWhether this message has been previously tagged as reported or not.
sandboxedWhether this message was generated within the sandbox or not.
whenceWhen the message was generated.
messageThe actual message itself.