Group calling

Using the ivrType ‘group’, Alerting Hub enables a select number of recipients to be called and placed in a conference call.

ivrType: group

The group IVR plays the main message and waits for a PIN to be entered. If the PIN is wrong then a badpin message is played and the IVR repeats. When a good PIN is entered then a final message is played, after which the recipient is placed into the group conference. PINs are used to ensure that there is actually a person on the end of the call (to avoid voicemail and so forth). PINs are specified as part of the ivr setup (see below) and can be as simple as ‘*’ to denote any key press. To use the group IVR you must include additionalContent with the following contentTags (the main message is provided by the normal content/storedContent items in the alert JSON):

  • badpin – played to the caller if their PIN is incorrect
  • enter – played to the caller just before they enter the group call after entering a good PIN
ivrAttemptsOptional1Number of times the call will be attempted, if the call is not placed into the group call.
ivrPinOptional*Specifies the PIN that the recipient must enter to be allowed into the group call. A single * (star) means any key and can be used to simply ensure the recipient is actually present.
ivrNoPinAttemptsOptional1The number of times that the recipient will be asked for a PIN without any key presses being received.
ivrBadPinAttemptsOptional1The number of times that the recipient will be asked for a PIN when they have entered a previous bad PIN.

See Interactive Voice Response for further options.