Pause a scheduled alert

When an alert has been scheduled using the schedule alert API, there may be times when rather than cancelling and removing completely from the system you may just want to pause it and resume at a later time. This can be done using the pause scheduled API and unique alert reference

Json sample

    "version": "latest",
    "apiKey": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
    "scheduledAlertId": "5bc25c23-c1ab-44f4-8fd7-7be1684cb68f"
    "success": true,
    "returnCode": 200,
    "scheduledAlertId": "5bc25c23-c1ab-44f4-8fd7-7be1684cb68f"

Pausing alerts

versionMandatoryNoneSee API guide
apiKeyMandatoryNoneSee API guide
scheduledAlertIdMandatoryNoneUnique schedule reference as previously returned by /sendalert, /sendstoredalert or /schedulestoredalert
successOne of “true”, “false”. If false then failureReason should also be returned
scheduledAlertIdAs requested