When dealing with audio for outbound or inbound calling it is possible, rather than specifying or providing the actual encoded audio data, to use Alerting Hub’s Text-To-Speech facility, also known as TTS. This is generally achieved by specifying the voiceFormat JSON key as ‘tts’ and then providing some optional extra parameters in their own ‘tts’ block; as shown below (the values shown are the default values if not specified, or the entire tts block is omitted):

"tts" : {
  "language": "en-GB",
  "gender": "FEMALE",
  "enhancedTts" : false
languageOptionalen-GBLanguage / accent to use.
genderOptionalFEMALEGender to use from MALE|FEMALE|NEUTRAL.
enhancedTtsOptionalfalseIf false then the content to which the tts block refers is treated as just text to be spoken. If true then the content block contains SSML.