Text-to-Speech – send alert API

Enable alerting or personalised automated messages to be generated automatically without the need for voice recording.

When dealing with audio for outbound or inbound calling it is possible, rather than specifying or providing the actual encoded audio data, to use Alerting Hub’s Text-To-Speech facility, also known as TTS. This is generally achieved by specifying the voiceFormat JSON key as ‘tts’ and then providing some optional extra parameters in their own ‘tts’ block; as shown below (the values shown are the default values if not specified, or the entire tts block is omitted):

"tts" : {
  "language": "en-GB",
  "gender": "FEMALE",
  "enhancedTts" : false
languageOptionalen-GBLanguage / accent to use.
genderOptionalFEMALEGender to use from MALE|FEMALE|NEUTRAL.
enhancedTtsOptionalfalseIf false then the content to which the tts block refers is treated as just text to be spoken. If true then the content block contains SSML.