Time windows

When sending an alert, each alert element (sms, email, call etc.) is normally just processed automatically. However, if you specify a set of timeWindows, then the time at which the alert is being processed must be within one of those windows. If it is not, it will simply be skipped. This allows, for instance, scenarios such as sending SMS in office hours and calls out of office hours. An example timeWindows is shown below (with a description afterwards):

"timeWindows": [

Each time window element consists of 5 parts, separated by a semi-colon. If any part is set to * it will always match. The parts are, in order:

  • Comma delimited list of months, in short form, e.g. Jan,Feb,Mar
  • Comma delimited list of days of the month, zero padded, e.g. 01,02,22,23
  • Comma delimited list of days of the week in short form, e.g. Sat,Sun
  • Start time in zero-padded, 24-hour HH:MM:SS notation
  • End time in zero-padded, 24-hour HH:MM:SS notation